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NEW In The Zen Collection

New pastel colours from Earthy
Our New In The Zen Collection

We are celebrating the sunny season with a brand new collection; In The Zen.  Our new collection is inspired by the need for a slower pace and finding inner peace. It's about being centred at your core, a feeling of well being with mental health being a priority not just this month but always. This inner calmness is manifested through our four new delicate pastel hues.  The four shades include Barely There, a minimalist sheer pink giving ‘your nails but better’.  Lilac Tide, a fresh powdery pale purple hue that is predicted to be huge in 2024. Hint Of Mint is a gorgeous pistachio colour that we like to describe as the new neutral. Finally, we have Lemon Zest, the epitome of calmness.  This delicate shade of yellow is what the latest 'butter nails' trend is all about. This new collection is now available for £24.95 or individual shades can be purchased for £7.99 at

In The Zen By Earthy
Lemon Zest, Hint Of Mint, Lilac Tide, Barely There

Our In The Zen collection includes the softer colours seen in the latest fashion and beauty trends.  These calming shades have taken over from last years bold colours, giving way to a more spiritual feel.  Pastel shades such as the cute coquette aesthetic highlighting soft baby pinks. Embrace the warmth of the season with the hottest colours of the moment, including runway designs in pretty lilac tones.  Keep up with the trending nail looks with soft lemon shades giving butter nail vibes.  The ever-calming light green tones help one to connect with their vulnerable side and find harmony in growth and change.

Our Barely There shade is perfect for the latest sheer nail look, which goes under a few different names from the transparent French, to the bubble-gum nails and the no-mani mani, with us moving away from intense hues to something much more subtle.  The barely-there manicure is already popular with celebs such as Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Lopez, it creates a your-nails-but-better effect on the hands—just like the perfect tinted moisturiser for skin. This translucent shade helps lengthens fingers, giving a minimalist and sophisticated touch to your look.

We are also seeing a move towards shades of mint for summer 2024. For those who prefer something a little more low-key, this soft shade is bound to appeal due its perfect subtle wearability.  Our new shade Hint Of Mint gives a calming and grounded feel and is our new neutral for the season.

Skittle manicure using In The Zen
In The Zen Skittle Manicure

Lilac is one of the most sought-after shades right now. These lighter colours are great for the warmer weather and the delicate pop of colour adds an element of fun too.  Lilac Tide is a versatile colour, whether it’s in a solid manicure or a cute nail design, the outcome will always be chic.  This muted, pastel, blue-leaning shade of purple has emerged as the “it” nail shade for 2024.  The universally flattering shade makes outfits look feminine and classy and has been seen on Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Sofia Richie.

Often considered quite an intimidating nail colour, yellow may not be your shade of choice but a creamy yellow has an airy look that feels uplifting after a long winter.  Our new shade Lemon Zest is everywhere right now and is known as butter nails.  The calming shade isn’t overpowering making it an ultra-wearable and easy addition to your manicure collection.  The mood boosting shade even in its muted tone gives a sweet look of effortless beauty.

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