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The influence of Celebrities on the colours we choose

Th influence of Celebrities on the colour choices we make in our every day lives is hugely significant. Especially now with such a huge social media presence. We get a greater insight into their lifestyle, interests, fashion and more. Seeing Celebrities making certain colour choices in fashion and makeup at huge events such as red carpets and fashion shows, often inspires and influences our perceptions of what is stylish and trendy. Seeing your favourite celebrity in a certain colour might encourage us to incorporate that colour into our wardrobe or daily life.

Celebrities are allowing us into their lives, whether it be via TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, we get a closer look at who they are and even a glimpse at how stylish their homes are. This brings us to an exciting new collaboration with the eco friendly and breathable paints brand Earthborn, read on to find out more about celebrity style and how to enter the competition. We are delighted to join forces with a like minded brand that understands the importance of creating products that are better for the planet as well as our customers.

Firstly, we have Bryce Dallas Howard's luxurious LA home. Bryce knew exactly what she wanted when she started working on her home, she has gone for an old Hollywood inspired deep blue interior with a lot of character, memories and stories. It's a very unique look but gives off such warmth and a sense of comfort. Selena Gomez is also a fan of blue, and this cobalt blue looks amazing on her. Poseidon Blue by Earthy is bold and vibrant shade, giving us powerful vibes.

Brittny and Jenson Button have a gorgeous holiday home in Palm Springs, it gives clean cool minimalist vibes. White is the perfect shade to go for when designing an interior in such warm climates as it helps bring the temperature down. Cara is a fan of white too, in fact white nails have been on trend for a while now. White nails bring a sense of purity and harmony and Polar White is definitely a favourite.

Next, we bring you Rita Ora's gorgeous London home. Rita has an attraction to homes with an old spirit and has gone for a vintage inspired style. The pink hue works so well here, a perfectly cosy oasis to wind down after a long day at work. Khloe Kardashian is a fan of the shade too. This dusty rose pink shade works perfectly on Khloe's long nails, in fact Earthy's Pink Jasmin is one of our most popular shades.

Sandra Bullock has a passion for design and has renovated a town house in New York, she has opted for a classic ivory paint shade, keeping it elegant and uncluttered. This is a hugely popular choice and we can see why, you can't go wrong with this perfect shade of neutral. The same can be said for nude shades of nail polish. JLo can do no wrong when it comes to makeup and her nails are always on point. Here she has gone for a beautiful soft shade similar to Earthy Pearls Of Wisdom that exudes simplicity and elegance.

Earthy have partnered with the amazing brand Earthborn Paints as part of a fabulous giveaway, the prize is one of our Earthy Tones nail polish collections and a 2.5L tin of Earthborn paint in your choice of colour. Simply head over to Earthborn x Earthy Nail Polish competition - Earthborn Paints and follow the instructions to enter.

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