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Better for you

Our nail polishes are made from 79% natural ingredients derived from Sugar Cane, Cassava, and Corn. This means that we have replaced conventional petrochemical solvents with natural minerals and vegetal biomass ingredients. Our formula is certified vegan and cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. It gives a long-lasting, high-shine finish that nourishes the nails. By switching to Earthy Nail Polish, you can avoid exposure to harmful chemicals found in regular nail polishes. Our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or pigments or the most toxic chemicals found in traditional nail polishes. You can view the complete list of ingredients that we avoid on our sustainability page 

Earthy Nail Polish Earthy Tones Spills

Harder less fragile, healthier nails

Earthy Nail Polish contains essential minerals, magnesium and calcium, which strengthen and protect your nails from becoming thinner, brittle, or weaker. Calcium is essential for keeping the tissues of the nail bed healthy, maintaining the hardness and structure of the nail. Magnesium helps prevent ridges and promotes healthy nail growth by improving cellular processes and aiding in protein synthesis. According to our research, 90% of users saw an improvement in the hardness and fragility of their nails after using Earthy Nail Polish twice a week for three weeks.

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Wear Tests

100% satisfaction on application 

100% satisfaction on high gloss

96.6% intact wear after 6 days.

6.5 day average chip free wear

Earthy Nail Polish Earthy Tones Skittle Mani
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