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Earthy gel lock starter kit

Earthy Gel Lock 

A revolutionary system that allows for a "better for you" at home, salon quality gel nail manicure. The gel lock system provides a barrier between your natural nail and the intense shine and wear of the gel lock. The barrier is formed by our plant based award winning instant dry base coat and  21- free nail polish with added magnesium and calcium.

What's in the Box?

How to use Gel Lock

Pro Nail Tech Tips

(1) Use the lint free wipes with the cleanser

(2) Make sure the earthy nail polish is fully dry before applying the Gel lock

(3) Use thin layers of the gel lock and cleanser

How to Remove

Pro Nail Tech Tips

(1) Soak an Earthy Nail Polish Lint

free Wipe 

(2) Press it firmly against the nail plate and wipe down slowly towards the nail tips, repeat until no trace of nail colour remains.

(3) Filing the top of the nail to break the gel lock layer can help the removal process


"All the benefits of gel nails without the damage"

Laura Smith,Notts

Forever Green polish application with 100% post consumer LED lamp
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