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A Perfect Pastel Pedicure

Perfect pastels for summer by Earthy
In The Zen Collection £24.95

It's sandal season, time to swap out the sneakers for flip-flops, slippers, sandals, or sliders and let your feet wiggle around and feel refreshed and calm. Make the switch to lighter and more open footwear this summer and keep your feet and body cool. Just prep your feet and pick your polish and you are ready to go. I like to make it an occasion and indulge in a luxurious pedicure, with nourishing oils, scrubs and moisturisers to buff and trim and get rid of that dry winter skin and get my feet glowing.

A sheer minimal pink shade
Barely There

Our new shade Barely There is perfect for those who like to go for a natural and clean aesthetic. This super light, almost sheer pink is gorgeous for hand and toe nails, giving simple sophistication.

A delicate lilac hue
Lilac Tide

Pastels are perfect on any skin tone and this year they are 'the' trending shades for summer. Lilac Tide is a soft light purple shade that gives a feeling of crisp and clean with an edge of playfulness.

A light yellow shade
Lemon Zest

Butter nails are all over our feeds at the moment and with good reason. The delicate Lemon Zest hue is so pretty, it's warm and calming and gives a little pop of colour but isn't as overpowering as a bold shade of yellow can often be.

A light green shade
Hint Of Mint

Green is a favourite at Earthy, the colour represents the beauty of nature and our picturesque surroundings. This shade of minty green gives us a feeling of tranquillity and this pretty pastel colour is part of our new In The Zen collection. A collection inspired by peace, reflection and mindfulness. Check out our range of plant-based nail polishes at and prep a perfect pastel pedicure this sandal season.

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