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Earthy launches the NEW Wonderfall Collection

Our new Autumn/Winter collection has dropped, it is inspired by a cosy atmosphere. As temperatures begin to drop, autumn invites us to get cosy and snuggle up. It's a season that inspires warmth, both physically through comfortable clothing and soft blankets and emotionally by encouraging quality time with loved ones.

Deep shades of blue, green, brown and burgundy
Earthy's New Wonderfall Collection

We have launched the new Wonderfall Collection to help us transition from bright sunny hues to deeper, moody shades reflecting the change in weather. The collection includes a deep red wine shade, aptly named Bordeaux, a classic shade that has always been a popular choice pairing perfectly with the changing colours of autumn leaves. Next, we have Celestial Blue, a gorgeous navy blue shade reflecting the beauty of the dark heavenly sky. This blue is simply mesmerising and a universally flattering hue. Cocoa Bean is a beautifully warm shade of brown, think of melting chocolate and you can picture this polish which co-ordinates perfectly with Autumn jumpers, warm scarves and comfy coats. Cocoa Bean is ideal if you want a more neutral look that is both subtle and chic. Finally, we have Forever Green; a deep shade of green, proud and strong like the towering Pine trees that make you think of a chilly autumnal dawn. Forever Green beautifully echoes the deep lush tones of a forest in autumn adding an edgy vibe to your look.

Wonderfall nail polish collection in an autumnal setting
Wonderfall Collection - inspired by the Fall season

Our natural origin nail polishes are made with added magnesium and calcium to help condition your nails with continued use. Not to mention, they are all vegan and cruelty free, look good whilst being caring.

New Wonderfall collection from Earthy Nail Polish
Wonderfall Collection pairs perfectly with soft warm fabrics

Don't forget to apply our natural origin Base Coat to help your manicure last longer and our Top Coat gives your nails that gorgeous high shine finish. We also have our award-winning nourishing nail oil to help condition your cuticles and nails when preparing for your new autumnal mani-pedi.

Get your hands on our new plant-based Wonderfall Collection and head into the new season looking and feeling hot!

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