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Eco friendly manicure - Earthy x Celeste Make Up

Model holding Celeste x Earthy manicure implements
Celeste x Earthy manicure implements

Earthy nail polish have teamed up with French luxury brand Celeste Make Up to provide the ultimate eco friendly manicure.

The key to an eco friendly manicure set, is high quality steel that can be sterilised and reused for a lifetime. The Celeste x Earthy kit contains:

(1) Sapphire nail file

(2) Nail Clippers

(3) Nail Scissors

(4) Cuticle Nipper

(5) Cuticle Pusher

(6) Carry Case

Celeste x Earthy carry case, scissors, cuticle nipper, cuticle trimmer, cuticle pusher, sapphire file and nail clipper
6pc high quality stainless steel set

The card used for the pack is 100% kraft and all plastic is 100% post consumer plastic. As part of the ocean cycle program plastic is taken from waste destined for the ocean and reused.

Pack shot of Celeste x Earthy Manicure set
Celeste x Earthy Manicure set

To complete the eco friendly manicure use plant based Earthy nail polish and treatments with its highly sustainable, biodegradable and returnable bamboo cap. Use code HI10 for a 10% discount sitewide.

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