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How to get the perfect manicure

Updated: May 26, 2023

There is nothing more annoying than smudging or chipping your nail polish after spending valuable time painting your nails. Well, we have some expert tips from top nail technicians to help you get the perfect long lasting manicure without those pesky dents and smudges!

Firstly, preparation is key! Ensure you push back cuticles to clear the nail surface and ensure your manicure is clean and crisp. Next, wash and dry nails to ensure any excess oils are removed. It's very important to ensure you start with applying Earthy (quick dry) Base Coat, this will help protect your nails as well as ensuring that the nail polish adheres securely to your nails. The base coat also prevents chipping and peeling by acting as an adhesive. Apply the base coat close to the cuticle whilst leaving a small gap and wrap the tip of the nail then leave to dry.

One of the best ways to get a flawless finish on your mani is to ensure you always apply thin coats of polish: two to three coats of colour are best. This will ensure the longest wear, and will be less likely to chip or dent. You also want to give your coats some time to dry before you apply a new one. A good method is apply finger nail by finger nail and by the time you get back to the first finger nail you started with, it's ready for the second layer of colour. The video shows how to load the brush so that you get the right amount of nail polish for an even and thin coat. Don't flood the cuticle, maintain a small gap and always wrap the tip with each coat.

Fixing a mistake; if you’re dealing with a large smudge where polish is built up around the nail, you can cut some of the excess polish off with a cuticle nipper. Then, use a brush or cotton bud and some Earthy Remover to swipe across the surface and smooth out and remove the smudge or mistake.

Finally, apply a generous amount of Earthy Top Coat to seal and protect your manicure, wrapping the tip and leave to dry. Ensure you regularly apply Earthy Cuticle Oil to moisturise your cuticles and preserve the nail polish.

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