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Love Island Inspired Nails...

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Now, if you are one of the minority, not secretly binging on Love Island then let me fill you in. It seems that this series, the girls have access (when not filming) to beauty therapists ensuring their hair, lashes and nails remain perfect at all times. This explains how they look so immaculate weeks into the show.

What we are interested in, is the nail polish! What shades are popular? Are they into nail art? How can we achieve the looks? Do the colours have any meaning? Well, this is where I can help.

Blue nails have been on trend of late but did you know white is now just as popular, especially with the Love Island ladies.

However, both of these shades have underlying messages about your relationship status. White nails signify single and ready to mingle and light blue means you are in a relationship.

Overall, we are seeing a lot of lighter pastel shades of pink, blue, peach, lilac and white.

We have noticed Millie opt for skittle nails using pretty pastel shades and sometimes switching it up to white nails.

Faye and Chloe seem to favour a white nail too and pink is popular with a few of the girls including Lucinda.

We noticed Kaz opt for sparkly minimal nail art which is really on trend right now.

Some of the Island nails looks are slightly deeper but still summery shades, Faye occasionally wears Coral, which is part of our Summer Fun collection shown below. Summer Fun (Ruby Red, Fire Cracker, Coral Reef, Moody Nude) includes a deep red, which is a classic and always in fashion.

The great thing about nail polish is that there are no rules and you can wear whatever suits your fancy. We have a range of 30 nature inspired nail polishes and treatments available online at Earthy Nail Polish and amazon. Get your Island nails looking HOT. Use Code CAPTAINMINGS5 for 10% off

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