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TLC For Your Nails - New Treatments Collection

Updated: May 26, 2023

Earthy Nail Treatments Collection
Nail treatments by Earthy Nail Polish

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Nail Treatments Collection. The collection includes four indulgent treatments that are up to 99% natural origin and 21 free. The treatments come with our signature sustainable bamboo cap and brush or pipette. The following treatments are included; Green SOS enriched with chestnut extract and vitamins B5 and C to support the repair of damaged nails. Berry Oil made with vitamin F to lock in moisture and hydrate rough nails and cuticles. Cuticle Oil rich in vitamin E and C to soften the cuticles and extensively nourish nails. Our Strengthener treatment is enriched with vitamin E and bamboo extract for hardening soft cracking or thin nails.

Earthy Nail Treatments Collection
Nail Treatments Collection

The collection is priced at £26.97, the treatments are also available to purchase singly at £8.99. The treatments are perfect when you need some pampering and self-care and clean healthy nails also help to ensure your manicure lasts that much longer. The vitamin enriched treatments will help to lock in moisture, nourish and strengthen nails and work especially well for intensive repair.

Nail Treatments Collection
Earthy Nail Treatments

Strong and healthy nails are such a confidence booster. Whether you opt for a classic nude shade or love wearing the latest trendy pop of colour, the state of your nails may not be visible but certainly helps you feel better about yourself. Nail care should form part of your routine maintenance but with the hectic lives we lead, that isn’t always the case. The great thing is that healthy nails do not require a lot of time or money.

Award Winning Cuticle Oil by Earthy Nail Polish
Cuticle Oil

Berry Oil by Earthy Nail Polish
Berry Oil

Pictured above are our natural origin citrus fragranced Cuticle Oil and our sensational Berry Oil with a delightful fruity fragrance that brightens your mood as well as your nails. Always ensure you wash and dry nails after applying the oil treatments if you are going to apply nail polish.

We have a few simple steps to follow to ensure your nails are longer and stronger;

Moisturise your nails; give your nails extra attention by applying our Earthy Berry Oil twice a week and it will act as a hydrating treatment.

Cuticle care; poor cuticles can injure the nail bed and affect the way your nails grow. Our 99% natural cuticle oil used a few times a week helps soften cuticles and provides nourishment restoring dry nails. Simply, apply a drop on bare nails and nail contours, massage in to facilitate absorption.

Reduce the time your nails spend in contact with water as this can weaken the nail structure.

Be gentle, ensure you always use the correct tools for filing and trimming nails.

Green SOS by Earthy Nail Polish
Green SOS

Always use a base coat, before applying two coats of nail polish, finishing off with a top coat which will ensure longevity as well as high shine. Our Green SOS treatment can be used as an intense repair treatment and even as a base coat.

Finally, think about the products you use; natural products are much less harsh on your nails and contain minimal nasty chemicals. Our Earthy Remover is 100% acetone and acetate free, it contains almond oil and is kind to your nails and even gentle enough to massage into your cuticles.

Strengthener by Earthy Nail Polish

Our Earthy Strengthener can be used to help repair damaged dry brittle nails and is 72% natural.

Earthy nail polishes and treatments contain natural origin ingredients, are vegan and cruelty free.

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