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What Is Your Power Colour for 2024?

Sand Dune, Buttercup Yellow, Fire Cracker by Earthy
Earthy Nail Polish Power Colours

Let us look at how a significant aspect of astrology — zodiac signs and their respective power colours — affects us and our personalities. Like many of us, I am quickly drawn to check what my horoscope has in store for me, perhaps due to the intrigue of nature and its mystic forces and the changing positions of the sun, moon and stars.

So, we have put a little blog together to help you find your power colour for 2024 so that you can maximise your chances of a positive, happy and successful year ahead.

CAPRICORN (22 Dec - 19 Jan) Storm Grey; Capricorn’s approach to life is very straightforward and clearly demarcated between right and wrong. They are also resilient and dependent and hence, this neutral colour suits them the best.

AQUARIUS (20 Jan - 18 Feb) Poseidon Blue; Progressive, imaginative, restless and smart, this water sign takes after the sky and water — deep, expansive and limitless.

PISCES (19 Feb - 20 March) Light Green; symbolised by the aptly named Nailture Green. They are easily adaptable and tender but surprisingly strong and capable of holding their own in adverse conditions. Light green symbolises growth, new energy and life.

grey, blue, green nail polishes by Earthy
Storm Grey, Poseidon Blue, Nailture Green £7.99 each

ARIES (21 March - 19 Apr) Royally Red; assertive and a go-getter, Aries personifies passion and love which are again associated with this gorgeous shade.

TAURUS (20 Apr - 20 May) Forever Green; Taurus, is known for its nurturing abilities, therefore, this deep green is a fitting hue for this dependable and consistent sign.

GEMINI (21 May - 20 June) Buttercup Yellow; the Gemini sign is outgoing, intelligent and upbeat, a great communicator who thrives in the bright yellow shade.

red, green, yellow nail polishes by Earthy
Royally Red, Forever Green, Buttercup Yellow £7.99 each

CANCER (21 June - 22 July) Polar White; one of the most emotional zodiac signs, Cancerians are related to purity and tranquillity making this angelic shade of white just perfect.

LEO (23 July - 22 Aug) Amritsar; Generous, flamboyant and regal in every way, Leos glow in all the attention they get, so this glittering gold shade is match made in heaven.

VIRGO (23 Aug - 22 Sep) Sand Dune; this Earthy brown hue is associated with soil, which is life-giving. The firmly grounded Virgo is a sign of stability and maturity, and thrives on self-improvement.

gold, white, brown nail polishes by Earthy
Amritsar, Polar White, Sand Dune £7.99 each

LIBRA (23 Sep - 22 Oct) Pink Jasmin; This air sign thrives on being likeable and this explains their affinity to this much adored shade of pink. A Libra loves to please and often bring a sense of calm to those in their company.

SCORPIO (23 Oct - 21 Nov) BLM; Black is actually a classic shade as is the Scorpio. Emotionally deep and highly transformative in nature, always working on letting go of the negative and starting afresh.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov - 21 Dec) Distressed Damson; This fire sign is full of good qualities, just like the shade itself from nobility and grace, to a wise calmness and positivity.

black, pink, purple nail polishes by Earthy
BLM, Pink Jasmin, Distressed Damson £7.99 each

Each zodiac sign has a designated colour that is said to help you focus and can have a positive influence over our actions. Each sign gravitates towards its power colour and that is often reflected in our colour choices, whether it be in our clothing, our surroundings, our makeup and many other things. Consistently choosing a colour favourable to one’s zodiac sign could translate to prosperity along with the general enrichment of the soul. So why not grab your power colour from Earthy's natural origin nail polish range and make 2024 the best year yet!

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1 Comment

Sebastiaan Harrewijn
Sebastiaan Harrewijn
Dec 18, 2023

Hi! My husband and I recently started a "we come to you" nail service and came across this article.

Thank you so much for sharing these matches between zodiac signs and power colours, I'll definitely will be offering my clients recommendations according to their zodiac sign. I love the colours by the way, I wish we had your brand over here in Australia. We will keep an eye on this blog as we can see that you are regularly sharing articles and is always a great feeling to know we can learn more everyday about our business. Thank you !

Claudia @

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