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Celeste X Earthy Manicure Kit in box

Celeste x Earthy Manicure Kit

SKU: 01-41094-001
VAT Included

Earthy Nail Polish have joined forces with the high end French luxury brand Celeste Make Up to produce this eco friendly manicure set. The precision manicure implements from Celeste have combined with 100% post consumer packaging designed by the Earthy Nail Polish team.


The manicure kit contains:


Nail Clippers

Mini Sapphire file,

Nail Scissors

Cuticle Nipper

Cuticle Pusher / Trimmer 

Small Carry Case




  • How to use

    Wash your hands with hot soapy water before cutting your nails, this ensures nails are softer and easier to cut.  Cuticles must always be softened before being pushed back and cut.  Cut your nails with the nail clipper and shape them with the scissors.   The scissors are sharp, always be careful when using them.  Push your cuticles delicately and cut them with the double tip accessory.  File your nails to perfect the manicure.  Disinfect the tools before and after each use.


  • Recycling Information

    The card used for the pack is 100% kraft and all plastic is 100% post consumer plastic.  As part of the ocean cycle program plastic is taken from waste destined for the ocean and reused. 

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