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Earthy Nail Polish Store Display example

Earthy Nail Polish Display

VAT Included

Earth Nail Polish Display


We supply a display for your salon or store and provide all of the nail polish and treatments to fill the stand at wholesale prices.


Total retail value including the display is £1458.52. The display, which is provided for free, is made out of a durable FSC card (no plastic here :) ).


The display includes:


120 Polishes


4  Polar White

8  Moody Nude

4  Pearls of Wisdom

8  Dreamy Peach

8  Maya's Rose

12 Flamingo Pink

16 Pink Jasmin

8   Peaches & Cream

4   Coral Reef

4   Pink Orchid

16 Fire Cracker

12  Passion Red

8    Ruby Red

8    Distressed Damson


28 Treatments 


 4   Base Coat

4    Top Coat

8     Nail Stregthener (Base)

12    Remover


4 Week Delivery from order


Natural origin and bio-sourced guaranteed to ISO 16128


Naturally Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Bamboo cap


High shine and long lasting finish when combined with Earthy Top and Base Coats


Remove with our 100% Acetone / Acetate free and 99% natural Remover.



Cruelty Free

21 free






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