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Barbie Nails by Earthy Nail Polish

Earthy Pinks with hearts
Earthy Nail Polish - pink shades

In anticipation of the new Barbie movie, we have some gorgeous pink nail inspo for you to get your Barbie Nails trend on!

Pink nail art inspired by the new Barbie movie
Margot Robbie Barbie Nails inspo from Earthy Nail Polish

The beautiful Margot Robbie, showcased an elegant pink tip French manicure, we were inspired by this look and created the same using our natural origin shades Cherry Blossom and Pink Petunia. It turned out pretty cute, in fact it's a perfect understated Barbie look for those who don't want a bold look.

Light pink nail polish, matching Earthy Maya's Rose
Selena Gomez Barbie nails

Hot Pink nail polish matching Earthy Pink Orchid
America Ferrera Barbie nails

Some of the latest celebrities loving Barbiecore, are Selena Gomez wearing a lovely light pink shade, matched closely to our Maya's Rose and America Ferrera giving us a bold pink mani, similar to Earthy's Pink Orchid.

Pink and white Barbie nail art
Earthy's Barbie inspired nail art

Pink Hearts nail art
Earthy's Barbie Hearts nail art

We decided to give some Barbie nail art a go and wow did it turn out fab! The pretty pink shades all used together in one pattern look so dreamy! Keep an eye on our Tiktok for a step by step tutorial on both of the Barbie Nails by Earthy Nail Polish.

We have so many pink shades for you to choose from, whether its a nude pink, a hot pink or a glittery pink, we got you covered! Our award winning nail polishes and treatments are made from plant based ingredients with added magnesium and calcium to help condition your nails with continued use. Earthy's vegan and cruelty free polishes come with a sustainable bamboo cap that can be returned to us along with the empty bottle as part of our Return Reuse programme.

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