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Celebrity Nails the Earthy Way

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

There are so many gorgeous nail polish shades available now so deciding what to mani-up with isn’t a simple decision. This is when we can imitate celebrity manicures and not have to pay a fortune doing so! Below are a few nail ideas from our favourite celebrities along with the nail polish shades they like to wear. The ultimate celeb nails the earthy way.

Ariana usually gets her nail artist to give her a more natural look with whites and light pinks, such as Earthy White Rose, Moody Nude and Maya's Rose.

Nail looks - Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande nails

Images: @arianagrande

Kylie Jenner's nails are unashamedly loud and she is seen wearing shades that coordinate with her outfit or on occasion even with her car! She opts for shades such as Earthy Fire Cracker, Distressed Damon, Misty Lilac and Moody Nude.

Nails by Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Images: @kyliejenner

Millie Bobby Brown keeps her nails shorter and opts for simple yet chic hues such as Earthy Cherry Blossom, Polar White and Icelandic Blue.

Millie Bobby Brown Nails
Millie Bobby Brown Nails

Images: @milliebobbybrown

Taylor Swift also keeps shorter nails and mostly wears a shade of red occasionally mixing it up with a black for special occasions such as awards or music events. Earthy shades BLM, Ruby Red and Passion Red are a match with Taylor's choice of manicure.

Nails by Celebrity Taylor Swift
Celebrity nails Taylor Swift Nails

Images: @taylorswift

Dua Lipa is a fan of nail art which is a huge trend, especially with celebrities this year, whether its sparkly polish, floral art or simple negative space art, she wears them all so well. Dua wears shades such as Earthy Passion Red, Polar White with some hints of Buttercup Yellow.

Dua Lipa Nails
Dua Lipa

Images: @dualipa

Finally, we come to Billie Eilish who is known for her long colourful talons often bedazzled with nail art and jewels. Billie loves colour so we had a tough time choosing from her instagram. Here are just a few of the photos showcasing her fabulous nails with shades like Earthy Pearls Of Wisdom, Passion Red, Poseidon Blue, BLM and Nailture Green,

Nails by Bilie Eilish
Bilie Eilish Nails

Images: @billieeilish

Other artists who have a huge fan following for their nail style are Hailey Bieber, JLo and Selena Gomez, who is your fav?

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