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Competition Time - final chance to win!

TO WIN a Stop Hate Collection as well as £100 worth of nail polishes;

Follow @stop_hate_uk and @earthynailpolish

Answer the following question; name one of the three aims in the Stop Hate UK mission statement (answers can be found at about us page)

The winner will be chosen at random at 11.59pm on Friday 8th July 2022.

Every purchase of Earthy's BLM nail polish and Stop Hate Collection enable continued support to those affected, ensuring they are listened to, believed, and taken seriously.

The Stop Hate Line is the UK’s only free confidential, accessible and independent 24-hour anti-Hate Crime reporting service for all monitored strands of a person’s identity or perceived identity (Disability, Gender, Race, Faith, Sexual orientation, and Transgender identity, as well as Age and Alternative subculture). Every day, up and down the country, Stop Hate witness the incredible strength and bravery it takes to report a Hate Crime. So we want to celebrate you – the ones standing up against injustice and supporting the Stop Hate UK collection. Without you, the work Stop Hate are doing to support people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year wouldn’t be possible. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to win £100 worth of Nail Polish!

Our award winning nail polishes and treatments are natural origin, vegan and plant based. Available online at

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