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Earthy Nail Polish Sustainability Programme

Earthy Nail Polish Sustainability Infographic
Earthy Nail Polish - Infographic

Sustainability is a key driver in the way we work here at Earthy Nail Polish. We pledge to continuously improve the sustainability of our products and are proud of our achievements.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in all of our products, from our vegan friendly formulation to our Recycle Reuse Programme allowing our customers to return empty nail polish bottles and caps, mitigating waste.

Despite the claims of recyclable materials being used in nail polish packaging, nail polish bottles cannot be added to a regular recycling bin. Most nail polishes are discarded because they have dried out, not because they have been completely used. This means that if nail polish bottles with residue are put in recycling bins, the entire contents of that bin are committed to landfill.

For this reason, we have developed our circular economy programme; Recycle Reuse. You can return your nail polish bottles and caps to us and we will;

  • Empty and collect any excess nail polish

  • Soak the bottles in our natural origin remover solution to remove labels (which are then sent to our recycling partner)

  • Load the bottles and caps into our specially designed bottle washing machine to be heated, washed and rinsed

  • Finally, the bottles and caps are dried and ready for reuse

For complete transparency; we are able to clean the nail polish brush but due to the splaying of the bristles after washing, the brushes cannot be reused as we need a perfect brush for flawless nail polish application. These are returned to the supplier.

Earthy Nail Polish sustainability programme is all about working towards a brighter, greener future. The beauty industry is often scrutinised for its environmental impact but we want to demonstrate that beauty and ethics can harmoniously merge and potentially revolutionise the industry.

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