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Earthy Nail Polish Treatments - tips to help repair damaged nails

Updated: May 23, 2023

Maintaining strong healthy nails isn't always easy, especially if you are fond of gel manicures or acrylics. Our number one tip to repair damaged nails is to lock in moisture with our award-winning Cuticle Oil, it is 99% natural origin and contains vitamins E, F and C providing much needed nourishment. The soothing sweet almond and lemon peel oils are quickly absorbed helping to protect and promote nail growth. Healthy cuticles are key to healthy nails, so always let the oil fully soak in before washing your hands.

Next, we recommend using our nail Strengthener treatment, it contains bamboo extract - one of the great natural sources of silica which helps restructure nail keratin. Our Strengthener also contains Vitamin E, this is a nail-preserving vitamin that acts as an antioxidant which helps protect the nail plate against external aggressions. You can apply as a hardening treatment for extremely soft, poor, thin, damaged nails twice a week. Or as a base coat to promote healthier nails, apply one coat under the nail polish.

It is also important to take a break from the harsh gel polishes, remove the polish and keep your nails short, opt for a nourishing repair treatment to get your nails looking healthy again. Our Green SOS treatment is now back in stock and is nail rehab in a bottle for damaged nails. The treatments contains 3 AHAs - to help restore, rejuvenate and harden nails. Vitamin C - a nail boosting vitamin, renowned antioxidant, helping nourish, protect and promote healthy glowing nails and Vitamin B5 - a nail-hydrating vitamin, a well known humectant, known to deeply hydrate.

Our Treatments Collection includes all 3 of the above as well as our Berry Oil, a lighter cuticle oil, made with a gorgeous raspberry extract, soybean oil, vitamins E & F, all combined to help repair and recondition rough nails and cuticles. The collection is priced at £26.97 or each treatment can be purchased for £8.99 individually.

Our nail polishes and treatments are all vegan and cruelty free, they are gentle on your nails and made with naturally derived ingredients that work hard to promote healthier nails.

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