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Earthy Nail Polishes For Natural-Looking Nails

Some people enjoy going out for a pampering session, whether its for some ‘me time’ alone or to catch up with a group of friends. But not everyone likes to get manicures and pedicures. Now this doesn’t mean not wearing any polish at all, it just means they prefer to DIY. I can relate here, I like to paint my own nails mostly because I don’t have time to go out to a salon and also because I like a very natural look. I tend not to go for the bright bold colours unless it’s a special occasion. For this reason, my nail polish collection is mostly light pinks shades that give me a polished but understated look. These types of polishes, however, can be tricky to find — so to make things easier for you, I’m sharing a selection of Earthy Nail Polish shades that are my favourites. Another one of my secrets to a super polished look is the Earthy Top Coat, it provides not only an intense shine when applied over the polish but also extends the wear.

Photo by @naomi_b wearing Mayas Rose

Pink Jasmin

Moody Nude

Photos by @nailsuiac

Photo by @freckledbeth wearing Flamingo Pink

Photo by @naomi_b wearing Pearls of Wisdom

A selection of 30 nail polish shades and treatments now available at

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