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Get naked with Earthy's Barely There!

Barely There nail polish
Naked nails with Barely There

Get naked with Earthy's Barely There, its trending, naked nails that is. This year, the bright and bold hues we usually see in summer have been replaced with understated minimalist shades such as our new Barely There. This delicate pink is the perfect way of showing off your natural nails with the added intensity of our high shine finish. Our mineral infused nail polish not only looks great but also helps to improve the condition of your nails with continued use.

This minimalist nail colour is gathering popularity particularly with celebrities and especially with brides. It gives an air of chic sophistication, and the clean girl aesthetic it portrays is both effortless and timeless. Recently, we saw bride Olivia Henson at this years royal wedding sporting just this look. Dakota Johnson's naked manicure matched her nails to her Gucci outfit in a pared-back look at a New York movie premiere just days ago.

In The Zen Collection
From our NEW In The Zen Collection

The great thing about this minimal nail look is that it's natural but still put together, it works for day and night and suits all skin tones. The subtle pink neutralises any discolouration in your nails and just leaves a beautiful shining manicure that goes with everything. To help this gorgeous shade last longer, you can always use it along with our Gel Lock System, for a plant based gel finish that's better for your nails.

Barely There
Barely There - a perfect summer mani-pedi

Barely There is an ideal shade for summer, it will go with any outfit you decide to take on your holiday so no need to pack mutltiple polishes in your suitcase. Grab your bikini and sandals and show off your pretty pedicure whilst sipping a well deserved cocktail by the pool.

You can win our latest collection In The Zen, along with our Gel Lock kit making up a prize worth over £100 by entering the giveaway on instagram @earthynailpolish.

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Jun 13

Wow love this look 💚

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