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How To Care For Your Nails During The Colder Seasons

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Using nail treatments in winter can provide several benefits for your nails. Here are a few reasons why nail treatments are beneficial during the colder seasons:

Hydration: Winter weather tends to be harsh on the skin and nails, as cold temperatures and low humidity can contribute to dehydration. Nail treatments, such as our award-winning 99% natural origin Cuticle Oil helps to hydrate and nourish your nails, preventing them from becoming brittle, splitting and breaking. Our sweet almond oil based Cuticle Oil is made with vitamins E, F and C, ensuring the nail barrier is restored and helps to recondition dry rough nails and cuticles. Our Berry Oil treatment not only smells divine but the highly concentrated Raspberry extract deeply nourishes and instantly hydrates cuticles and nails. Healthy cuticles are essential for maintaining overall nail health.

Protection: Winter often comes with exposure to extreme temperatures, dry air, and harsh chemicals (such as de-icing agents) that can damage your nails making them more fragile. Using a protective base coat or strengthening treatment can create a barrier between your nails and these external elements, helping to minimise damage. Our nail Strengthener contains bamboo extract - one of the great natural sources of silica which helps restructure nails keratin and protect the nail plate.

Nail Growth: Our Green SOS treatment was created to provide nail rehabilitation and promote nail growth whilst strengthening the nails, The nail boosting vitamin C provides nourishment resulting in glowing strong nails. Regular use of our Green SOS treatment can help your nails grow stronger and healthier over a period of time.

Nail Health Maintenance: By using nail treatments regularly, you can maintain your nail health and prevent potential issues, such as splitting, peeling, or fungal infections. Our nail treatments provide essential nutrients and moisture to your nails, helping them stay healthy and resilient throughout the winter season. Ensuring your nail care products are natural, whether they are intensive repair treatments or nail polishes and remover, natural origin treatments do not include the harsh chemicals that cause excessive damage.

It is important to remember that caring for your nails in the colder seasons is about using the best natural origin treatments along side maintaining good overall nail care practices, such as keeping your nails clean and avoiding excessive exposure to water, will further contribute to healthy nails in winter.

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Oct 16, 2023


Do you sell wholesale nail polish to a license nail technician and business owner with a sales tax number.

Oct 16, 2023
Replying to

Hello, yes we sell wholesale and we are VAT registered, so our goods are VAT reclaimable. Please send an email to to discuss wholesale discounts.

Many Thanks

Team Earthy

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