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What does your favourite nail polish shade say about you?

Earthy Nail Polish bottles
Earthy Nail Polish - natural origin, vegan and cruelty free

Painting your nails a specific colour can help you to harness the energy associated with the shade. Seeing those colours every day impacts your outlook, whether that be intentional or not. So let's go ahead and find out what your favourite nail polish shade says about you.

Brighter and bolder shades, such as orange or yellow signify enthusiasm, happiness, positivity and fun, they give off high-energy vibes and are perfect for someone going through a positive life change. Red conveys direct attraction and is associated with confidence and sensuality, it's become a well known fact that men are attracted to women wearing red nail polish so give our Passion Red polish a whirl and you will be beating them off with a stick!

bright red shade
Passion Red £7.99

Blue suggests serenity, freedom and imagination, however there is a theory that light blue nails mean that you have a boyfriend or that you are taken. If blue is your colour, then we have shades in all three hues, from Icelandic Blue (sky blue), to our bold Poseidon Blue (electric blue) and even Celestial Blue (midnight navy blue).

blue hues
Poseidon & Icelanidc Blue

Green nails symbolise nature and growth. In fact, our signature shade Nailture Green is one of our most popular colours, it's a beautifully calming and unique shade. Next, we have shades of purple; whether it is lilac or violet, this colour range is all about power and intuition, ideal for someone who is in need of some good luck.

soft pink hue
Maya's Rose £7.99

A popular or even staple nail polish shade for your kit is pink, particularly softer pinks. This delicate and feminine colour is pretty as well as elegant and is perfect for a classy French manicure. Another popular option is nude, nude nails are classic, they dont scream for attention, allowing for your natural beauty and showing an ability to adapt. You can opt for beige, white or barely there pink shades to give an effortlessly chic look.

nudes for all skin tones by Earthy
Earthy Tones Collection £24.95

So, what does your favourite nail polish shade say about you? Do you like to match your mani with your makeup or coordinate it with your outfit? The great thing about nail polish is that you can change it as often as you like and our 99% natural origin Remover makes this both easy and gentle on your nails. Made with sweet almond oil, our award-winning Remover is acteone and aceteate free leaving your nails nourished and healthy.

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