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How to get your Valentine's nails to last longer

Having a beautiful new manicure comes with so many positives, it's one simple piece of self-care that certainly gives a lasting boost of confidence, completes your look and makes you feel just so put together. So, it's important to make sure that this great feeling lasts long enough to enjoy to its full potential. We have put together some simple tips on how to get your Valentine's nails to last longer.

skittle manicure from Earthy Nail Polish
Earthy Tones Collection £24.95
  • Avoid heat or humidity straight after application, especially after gel polish application. As this may cause the bond of the polish to loosen from the nail bed, making the polish lift from the sides. Ensure you wait at least an hour before taking a bath, shower, steam or sauna to help protect your new nails.

  • Wear gloves when washing up or cleaning, especially when your nail polish is freshly applied. Water could cause bubbling or lifting and harsh cleaning chemicals can dry out the skin.

  • Take extra care when you have hobbies that affect your hands, whether it be swimming, gardening, or playing an instrument. Wear gloves to protect your nails when you can and ensure you moisturise your hands, pay special care to your nails and cuticles with a nourishing Cuticle Oil. Our vitamin infused Cuticle Oil will boost hydration and help your polished nails to last longer.

natural origin cuticle oil from Earthy Nail Polish
Earthy Cuticle Oil £8.99

  • Don't file your nails if wearing gel polish, this will cause the seal of the gel to break and may lead to the polish chipping or peeling. Gel polish ensures a stronger shiny manicure, in the rare instance your nail does crack, instead of cutting or filing, you can reapply the polish and Gel Lock and cure under the lamp.

Earthy gel kit
Earthy Gel Lock System £59.99

  • Never pick off your nail polish, it may be so tempting but this can cause the top layer of your nail to be damaged or even removed, leaving behind weak or brittle nails. Using our specially formulated nail polish Remover ensures a faster, gentler and easier removal process.

Earthy nail polish remover
Earthy Remover £12.99

Of course, using vegan products that are derived from natural origin ingredients is always a better option. Check out our range of plant-based nail polishes and treatments, as well as our NEW Earthy Gel Lock System available at There is still time to buy your Valentine's gifts and our nail polishes are the perfect present.

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