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Latte Nails Are Trending

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Brown nail polish for latte nails
Cocoa Bean from the NEW Wonderfall Collection

Much like the hugely popular latte makeup look, latte nails have always been part of the beauty world; but recently they’re experiencing a magnificent surge in popularity from TikTok and Instagram, just like many other trends before them. So what are latte nails exactly? Simply put, they are inspired by the warm brown, creamy, tan and bronze shades of coffee.

A neutral, nude or tan manicure is not only essential as it works for day or night, any occasion, and any age but it also oozes sophistication and elegance.

Brown nail polish spill
Cocoa Bean from Earthy £7.99

To hop on this trend, all you need is your fav nude shade from Earthy and you don't have to go crazy, pick a shade that works for you, whether its a warm chocolatey brown like our new Cocoa Bean or our cooler beige shade Dreamy Peach.

Neutral nail polishes from Earthy
Latte nails trend, Pearls of Wisdom, Dreamy Peach & Sand Dune

This neutral colour palette is a natural fit for autumn and winter, but it’s also a nod to the brown-toned makeup and manicures that were so popular in the ‘90s. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber, and Blake Lively have catapulted the latte nail trend into viral territory, and shades of brown were also a hit on the New York Fashion Week 2024/25 runway.

Brown nail polish
Cocoa Bean - perfect autumn winter shade

With so many latte nail options, which will you pick? All of our plant-based nail polishes are 79% natural origin and contain added calcium and magnesium to help condition your nails with continued use. Give it a go and tag us on Instagram or TikTok @earthynailpolish.

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