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Love Island 2023

Love Island TV show
Love Island 2023

Love Island is back on our tv's and its looking better than ever. The new islanders are all in search of their perfect partner, and I am here for the glam! This season, we have a beautician on the island; Ruchee, who has already been checking out the talons as well as the talent! Ruchee is going for the clean girl aesthetic with an off white / grey shade, get her look with our new Cloud 9 nail polish.

Love Island 2023
Ruchee from Love Island 2023

Love Island 2023
Ella from Love Island 2023

We also have a model on the show this season, Ella from Glasgow is going with natural nails, all you need is a high shine top coat to show of your naturally gorgeous nails.

Love Island 2023
Molly from Love Island 2023

Next up, we have Molly who lives on a farm in Doncaster with her family. Molly is wearing a bright coral shade, perfect for summer, you can get the look with Earthy's Coral Reef which is included in our Summer Fun collection pictured above.

We also have real estate agent Catherine, who confesses that she can chat your ears off! Catherine is going for an understated 'your nails but better' look, our Moody Nude shade does exactly that, whilst conditioning your nails with the added calcium and magnesium.

Love Island 2023
Catherine from Love Island 2023

Love Island 2023
Jess from Love Island 2023

Finally, we have Jess from London, she tells us that she has a heart of gold and has opted for a classic but edgy black nail, our cool BLM shade gives you this stylish look.

Who is your fav in Love Island 2023 so far? I am excited to see how things go, all whilst keeping an eye out for more nail inspo from the island.

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