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Nail Health Help from Earthy Nail Polish

Healthy Nail Help From Earthy
Healthier Nails for 2024

Did you know your nails can say a lot about your health? Here are a few things your nails can indicate:


1. White spots or streaks: These can be caused by minor injuries to the nail bed or calcium deficiency. This is why Earthy plant-based nail polish is better for you, our specially formulated nail polishes contain added magnesium and calcium and this helps to condition your nails with continued use.


2. Brittle nails: Brittle nails that break easily can be a sign of dehydration or nutrient deficiencies, such as biotin or iron. Ensuring your nails are regularly moisturised with our vegan berry oil or almond oil cuticle oils will help provide essential nourishment and protection.

3. Yellow discoloration: Yellow nails may indicate a fungal infection or a condition called yellow nail syndrome.


4. Spoon-shaped nails: If your nails have a concave shape, it could be a sign of iron deficiency anemia or a liver condition.


5. Pitting or dents: Small depressions or pitted areas in your nails can be associated with psoriasis or inflammatory conditions.

6. Clubbing: Clubbing is when nails become rounded and the fingertips widen. This can be an indication of various underlying conditions, including lung or heart disease.


7. Blue nail beds: Bluish discoloration of the nail beds can be a sign of poor circulation or a lack of oxygen in the blood.


It's essential to remember that while nails can provide some clues about your health, they are not definitive diagnostic tools. If you notice any significant changes in your nails or have concerns about your health, it's always best to consult with a healthcare professional for a proper evaluation.

Maintaining a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and moisturising regularly will all provide a strong foundation for healthy nails. It is important to understand how harsh chemicals in most regular beauty products can affect your nails and opting for natural origin products is a much better choice.

Using protective nail treatments, such as our bamboo based nail Strengthener and our Green SOS that contain nail boosting vitamins will also help to repair damage done to nails and over time can ensure stronger, less brittle nails. Check out our product

Remember to trim your nails regularly and avoid excessive filing or harsh manipulation, protect your hands and wear gloves when exposing hands to water when possible. Making these small changes can have a huge impact and Earthy nail polishes and treatments are the perfect way to help your nail health.


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