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Nail Polish Colours for Spring 2021

There is nothing better than a fresh manicure to pull a look together. Trends such as nail art, nail jewels and nail extensions are fun and stylish but sometimes you are just in the mood for good old simple polished nails. Not to mention, now the 'at home quarantine experimenting phase' is over and we can find some sense of normalcy again and look your best for the next social engagement.

If you like to go for a minimal look then subtle Earth tones like sage green or a milky pink are ideal for this spring. If you prefer a pop of colour, brighter hues will be right up your alley.

From the neutral tone all the way to the more dramatic, we’ve got you covered with these gorgeous nail shades to shop this spring.

Perfect for spring, but fabulous all year round too; pink nail polish works for everyone. A simple, go-to shade of mauve pink, or milky pink for a more natural look is ideal this season.

Mayas Rose by Earthy Nail Polish

Pink Jasmin by Earthy Nail Polish

Olive green undertones, make Nailture Green the perfect nature lovers’ hue.

Nailture Green by Earthy Nail Polish

Orange is everywhere right now. Unsurprisingly really, it’s a happy vibrant colour and a very on-trend colour for spring, give it a go before the season is over. If orange is a little too loud for you then you can always opt for a classy coral shade instead.

I Lava You by Earthy Nail Polish

Coral Reef by Earthy Nail Polish

Pale blue polish has just enough vibrancy to be eye-catching yet versatile.

Icelandic Blue by

Earthy Nail Polish

Spring is the perfect excuse to add a pop of excitement to your manicure, a huge trend this year is hot pink, we have two shades to choose from, both as sizzling as each other!

Pink Petunia by

Earthy Nail Polish

Pink Orchid by Earthy Nail Polish

This cool stormy shade is perfect for anyone who likes a crisp, off-white colour that goes with any look.

Storm Grey by Earthy Nail Polish

A perfectly smooth transition shade from spring to summer,

this deep blue compliments all skin tones.

Poseidon Blue by Earthy Nail Polish

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