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The inspiration behind our new Wonderfall Collection

Earthy Wonderfall Collection inspired by Autumn
The new Wonderfall Collection

We have now launched Wonderfall, and we wanted to tell you a little bit about what inspired Earthy to go with these specific plant-based shades. Autumn is without doubt, a beautiful season, the picturesque landscapes, the cooler temperatures, and the sense of transition. Although we can't dispute the stunning display of nature's beauty. We looked at what this season means for us and how it makes us feel as our inspiration. The season brings a sense of warmth, change and nostalgia. Nature slows down and we all prepare for the coming Winter months. These autumnal months give us an opportunity to express ourselves in more subdued, deeper hues when we think about our fashion and beauty choices.

A rich navy blue shade by Earthy Nail Polish
Celestial Blue

The inspiration behind our new Wonderfall Collection is about dressing in our favourite cosy knits and oversized cardigans in cooler Autumn days. Finally making those long overdue plans for coffee and catching up with friends and family before the festive season.

A deep wine shade by Earthy Nail Polish

These trending moody hues that make up our Wonderfall Collection, work perfectly for this season but the best part is that they are classic shades that look great on everyone, long nails or short. Whether you opt for a simple and chic mani in stylish Bordeaux or a more bold fall inspired nail art look with all four shades from the collection. Cocoa Bean is the perfect chocolate brown shade for your autumn inspired nails, it brings the warmth at the same time as giving a unique twist on neutral nails.

Green has always been a popular Earthy choice and Forever Green is no different, this shade with its glorious hints of blue undertone is edgy and cool whilst still giving broody autumn vibes.

Celestial Blue is the epitome of sophistication, this deep blue shade is absolutely breath-taking. The rich navy shade works especially well on shorter nails and is the epitome of elegance.

four dark moody nail polish shades for Autumn by Earthy
Wonderfall by Earthy

Earthy's new Wonderfall Collection is available online for £24.95. All of our natural origin nail polishes are made with added magnesium and calcium to help protect and condition your nails. This cooler season is the perfect time to start your nail care routine back up with our award-winning nourishing treatments, whether you opt for the hydrating cuticle oil or the rehab in a bottle; Green SOS. We have everything you need to get your mani pedi looking perfect!

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