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The science behind our 'better for you' nail polish

Forever Green by Earthy
Our mineral infused nail polishes help condition nails

Trending nail shades come and go but healthy nails are always in style. The science behind our nail polish is that it is specially formulated to contain essential minerals; calcium and magnesium. These minerals are scientifically proven to help nail health.

Calcium works to strengthen and protect your natural nails from becoming thinner, brittle, or weaker, while magnesium helps prevent ridges and promotes healthy nail growth. With Earthy Nail Polish, your nails not only look great but are healthier too.

Icelandic Blue by Earthy
Icelandic Blue with added calcium and magnesium

Calcium is one of the most vital minerals, as it keeps the tissues of the nail bed healthy, maintaining the hardness and structure of the nail.

Earthy Nail Polish range
Award-winning nail polish by Earthy

Magnesium improves cellular processes and through its role in protein synthesis, promotes strong healthy nails. Our research shows that 90% of users found they had harder and less fragile nails after three weeks. Earthy Nail Polish was applied twice a week for three weeks.

Cocoa Bean
Cocoa Bean from the new Wonderfall Collection

Our 79% natural origin nail polishes are derived from Sugar Cane, Cassava and Corn. Natural origin means that conventional petrochemical solvents are replaced with ingredients originating from natural minerals and vegetal bio mass. Our vegan and cruelty free formula has a long lasting, high shine finish that is also nourishing.

Shop our wide range of sustainable polishes and treatments as well as our NEW Gel Lock System launched for Veganuary at

*90% of users found they had harder and less fragile nails after three weeks. Nail polish was applied twice a week for three weeks.

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