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Valentine's Nails Ideas from Earthy Nail Polish

Earthy red nails and a rose
Royally Red Nails for Valentine's Day 2024

We can breathe a sigh of relief; January is over, and we head swiftly into the month of lurve. In the lead-up to Valentine's Day, we are all looking for some mani inspiration for what to wear in celebration of a romantic candle-lit dinner or for a laughter-filled night with the girls. So, we have put together a few ideas on what nail shapes are in for 2024. Which 'lovely' colours you could opt for, and some tips on easy hearts nail art.

Some of us know exactly what we want and tend to stick to what we feel suits us, but occasionally, we may want to switch things up and go for a different nail shape or shade. This year, squoval nails are trending and have taken over from square nails. So what are squoval nails? This popular nail shape is a mixture of square and oval; the nail is predominantly square-shaped with softer rounded edges, making the nail shape much more wearable and flattering. Below is our beautifully bold Passion Red floral nail art on squoval nails and Red Berry for a more toned-down option. The great thing about squoval nails is that they work on long and short nails, with or without nail art and even with a French manicure, making them a versatile option.

Passion Red from Earthy Nail Polish
Passion Red floral nail art

Red Berry nail polish
Red Berry by Earthy

Deciding which nail polish hue to pick can be a challenging decision. However, Valentine's Day nails bring romantic shades of reds and pinks to mind; whether you opt for a bright, dazzling pop of colour or a warmer brick red tone, you can't go wrong with a classic and elegant red nail.

Bold red nail polish shade from Earthy
Fire Cracker by Earthy

Deep burgundy shade by Earthy
Bordeaux from the Wonderfall Collection

With this persisting wintery weather, you may opt for deeper, more cosy shades like Bordeaux. This moody shade is rich and smooth, giving an effortlessly chic look.

Pink nails always look pretty and work as a staple shade in any manicure kit, whether you opt for our glittering shimmer Jaipur shade, a statement-making hot pink or a subdued and simple look. Pink is a favourite for the month of love, and we have shades to suit whichever hue you wish to use. You can always opt for a minimalist manicure with our Moody Nude shade or make it a French manicure for an effortlessly chic look. If you are tempted to try something new but don't want to go all out, you can opt for nude-toned nail art.

Shimmering pink by Earthy
Plastic-free glitter shade Jaipur

Shades of pink nail polish by Earthy
Maya's Rose & Pink Petunia

When it comes to nail art, it can look a little daunting, but Valentine's nails don't have to be cheesy and outdated. Go for a fun and cute design; this way, you can go as minimal or adventurous as you want. Start out with one heart, and if you fancy adding more, you can do. Check out our TikTok for easy how-to videos and nail art designs for Valentine's Day nail ideas from Earthy Nail Polish.

Hearts by Earthy Nail Polish
Multicolour heart nail art by Earthy

Pink hearts nail art
Barbie inspired hearts by Earthy

Our plant-based nail polishes are available in over 40 shades and are formulated with added magnesium and calcium. Earthy Nail Polish collections include four beautiful natural origin nail polishes or treatments and are a perfect Valentine's gift, whether you spoil yourself, your Galantine or your Valentine. Remember, we also offer gift cards and have recently launched our Gel Lock System for salon-quality nails from home.

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